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Metro Homeschool Robotics (MHR) is a robotics team dedicated to mentoring students in a wide range of technological, engineering, social, and marketing challenges. We believe that learning should be fun, and that robotics competitions are the best way to extend this learning beyond the classroom.

Though our name might imply otherwise, our team includes students from many academic backgrounds. We welcome the involvement of homeschool students, public school students and private school students alike. Our students come from different economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and are all bound together by a common goal - Robotics!

We are a parent involvement team in that, although students do all of the work and research for competitions, the parents of each student are highly encouraged to take part in running the team. Many parents mentor the students directly, teaching valuable life and work skills, while others help to run the team by talking to sponsors, arranging mixers and completing other organizational tasks.

MHR is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. All of the funds used to run our programs are donated by sponsors and raised at fundraisers. We are always looking for new supporters and students who would like to join our team. Contact Us for more information.